What Animal Has The Shortest Memory?

The animal kingdom is vast and varied, with each creature possessing its own set of unique abilities and characteristics. While some animals are known for their intelligence, memory, and problem-solving skills, others are not quite so renowned. Let’s answer: What Animal Has The Shortest Memory?

When it comes to memory, some creatures fare far better than others. Elephants, for example, are thought to have exceptional memories, with some reports suggesting they can remember the locations of food and water sources up to several years after they last visited them.

Conversely, there are also several animals with notoriously poor memories. The goldfish is perhaps one of the best-known examples, with many people reporting that their pets seem to forget where their home aquarium is after just a couple of days.

So, if you were to ask the question, “Which animal has the shortest memory?” then you would almost certainly be referring to one of these creatures! As it happens, there are quite a few contenders when it comes to this title. We’ll look at three of the most common contenders below.

What Animal Has The Shortest Memory?

what animal has the shortest memory


As we mentioned above, goldfish are well-known for their poor memory skills. However, an analysis from the University of Cambridge discovered that they could only remember things for up to three seconds! This is likely because their brains are not as complex as those of other animals.

That said, despite their reputation for being dim-witted, goldfish can still form memories. According to the ASPCA, they can retain information over several months and even learn to line up at feeding times.

What’s more? Goldfish also appear to have good long-term memories of things that scare them. For example, scientists placed a goldfish in a small tank with a plastic shark in one study. The next day, they moved the fish to a different tank without the shark and found that the fish was still scared of the toy!

what animal has the shortest memory


Squirrels are another animal known for their poor memory skills. A study from the University of Warwick found that they can only remember things for around 20 minutes!

This is likely because squirrels are constantly moving, as they need to find food and shelter for themselves, and they’re young. As a result, they don’t have time to remember things for very long.

That said, squirrels can still form memories, albeit short-term ones. For example, in the study from Warwick University, scientists found that the squirrels could remember where they had hidden their food supply and could even relocate it after some time.

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Octopuses are intelligent creatures and are known for their problem-solving skills. In fact, according to one of our previous articles, they’re even thought to be brighter than many vertebrates!

As such, you might expect octopuses to have excellent memories. However, according to a study from Georgetown University, this is not the case at all! Instead, it found that octopuses have short-term memory spans of just three seconds.

This is likely because octopuses spend most of their time in water and need to stay on high alert to survive. As such, they don’t have time for long-term memories like land-dwelling animals do.

However, this doesn’t mean that octopuses can’t remember anything at all. In the study from Georgetown University, scientists found that octopuses could still recall where they had hidden food supplies and even learn new tasks after just three seconds.

What animal forgets the fastest?

A dog begins to forget in just 5 minutes. Most animals have a memory span of 15-30 minutes, though some can remember things for more extended periods – up to several hours in the case of pigeons and chimpanzees. Seals have a memory span of around two days.

What do animals remember?

Animals generally only can recall things that are of direct importance to them, such as danger or food. For example, some animals can remember where they buried food, while others can make their way home. Animals with short memory spans tend not to work out more complicated tasks, whereas chimpanzees and dolphins are particularly good at remembering complex problems. Dolphins have been seen carrying out challenging tasks involving cooperating with other dolphins over many months – for example, catching fish that only school in groups when threatened by sharks which are solitary hunters! Many animals can also remember specific events which take place very infrequently.

What animal has the best short-term memory?

Lion Seals have the best short-term memory of any animal tested so far. They can remember a number sequence up to about nine digits for over a year without repetition, and the point at which they start to get confused is a little under three months. This is almost as good as humans! The only other animals even close are Rhesus Monkeys and Chimpanzees, who can remember up to about seven digits for a year.

Interestingly, Seals have such good memories, maybe because they constantly learn new things. They have to remember where they are in the ocean, what prey is around, and where their pack members are.

What animal has a short attention span?

A goldfish.

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Do animals have short-term memory?

There is no classic reply to this question as there is still much research that needs to be conducted to determine whether or not animals have short-term memory. However, some indications suggest that animals do have short-term memory. For example, experiments have shown that animals can remember where they found food and how to get to it, indicating that they can retain information quickly. Additionally, animals can recognize other animals or objects they have encountered in the past, suggesting that they can recall information briefly.

What is the stupidest animal on the planet?

Many candidates for the championship of “stupidest animal on the planet.” From creatures that can barely survive in the wild to those who make decisions that cost them their lives, here is a list of some dumbest animals in the world.

List of the Dumbest Animals in the World

What Animal Has The Shortest Memory?

1. The Sloth

The sloth is one of the worst possible contenders for “stupidest animal.” It spends up to 85 percent of its time resting in trees, slowly digesting leaves that are not nutritious. They are also notoriously slow-moving, which means they spend a lot of time hanging from branches, unable to get out of the way when predators approach.

what animal has the shortest memory 5

2. The Sea Lion

The sea lion is another contender for the “stupidest animal” title. They cannot be domesticated and are highly aggressive. Consequently, numerous of them get injured or killed when they attempt to grab things that people are holding (like food). When they aren’t doing that, they like to frolic in front of moving cars, resulting in getting killed by cars.

what animal has the shortest memory 6

3. The Koala Bear

The koala bear is dumb because it sleeps 22 hours a day and eats nothing but eucalyptus leaves, which don’t have much nutrition in them- meaning the koalas spend much of the day sleeping or eating food that isn’t very nutritious.

what animal has the shortest memory 8

4. The Vulture

The vulture is one of the laziest creatures in the animal kingdom. They often take days to digest a single meal and rarely move more than a few miles from where they roost. They are also notoriously bad at flying, constantly crashing into things, or getting lost.

what animal has the shortest memory 9

5. The Warthog

The warthog is one of the most ungainly animals in the world. They are so bad at running that they often get left behind by the rest of their herd, making them easy prey for predators. They also have poor eyesight, which leads to them wandering into danger often.

what animal has the shortest memory 12

6. The DoDo

The doDo is a flightless bird born on the island of Mauritius. They are so flightless that many of them were killed by falling trees which they were sleeping! Since Mauritius is a relatively small island, the dodo population was never huge, to begin with- but since they can’t fly away from predators.