105 Things to write about your best friend

Have you ever had one of those days where you just can’t seem to think of anything to write about? Well, I have the perfect solution for you! In this blog post, I will list 105 things that you can write about your best friend. So whether you’re looking for ideas for a birthday card, a wedding speech, or just want to tell your friend how much they mean to you, read on!

105 Things to write about your best friend
105 Things to write about your best friend

1. You both laugh at the same stupid things.

2. You tell each other everything, even when you know it’ll hurt their feelings.

3. The best thing about this friendship is how you can be total opposites and still get along great!

4. When you’re feeling crap, your friend knows exactly what to say.

5. You can sit in a room and not talk, but you still have great fun together.

6. They’re there for you when stuff goes wrong, no matter what it is or how small it is.

7. They’re the only person who knows who you really are!

8. You know that they’d never deliberately hurt your feelings, even if sometimes they do accidentally…

9. It’s so nice to see them when you know they’ve done something stupid and tell them exactly what you think of them… and then laugh at how amusing it is!  :P

10. You always look forward to seeing their goofy face :)

105 Things to write about your best friend
105 Things to write about your best friend

11…. That said, sometimes their goofy face just gets annoying!

12. You know them better than anyone else in the world, and they know you perfectly.

13. Sometimes they can really piss you off, but it’s never for long :)

14. You have so much fun together! :)

15. They always cheer you up when you’re sad or stressed out about something :)

16. Even though they annoy the crap out of you sometimes, it doesn’t matter because you love them so much!

17. When your friends do something that hurts your feelings, this friend is always there to tell them exactly what a ….. that person is ;)  ;P

18…. And then remind them that they owe you big time, and make sure they pay up!

19. You’ve been friends for ages, and it’s been a crazy ride… In fact, it’s been so long that there isn’t too much to say about how it all started :)

105 Things to write about your best friend
105 Things to write about your best friend

20. They’re responsible for 99% of your craziest memories :)

21. You have a reliable friend :)

22. This friendship has gone through thick and thin together, and no matter what happens next…. It’ll be fantastic :)

23. …and always calm-headed in a crisis!

24. They’re sometimes harsh with their words but mean well, so you let them away with it ;)

25. Your bond is unbreakable no matter what happens.

26. You’d do anything for them, and they know this :)

27. This friendship just gets better with time!

28. They’re always there when you need them to be :)

29. No matter how much life might pull you apart, you’ll always find a way to meet up again and talk the night away!

30. You can’t imagine ever having met someone else who would have been such an amazing friend… And not only that but pretty damn awesome in every other aspect too ;)  :P

105 Things to write about your best friend
105 Things to write about your best friend

31. Your friends don’t judge you on your looks or your tastes/interests/career choice, which is great because they get you even if others wouldn’t… But sometimes annoyingly so because everyone else does judge you, and there’s not much they can do about it!

32. You two have a great connection going on which you wish others could see… But sometimes the connection goes a little bit too far… Like when you’re at a party and don’t know anyone but your friend… And their phone is dying and they need to borrow yours to get in touch with someone…. Who then doesn’t arrive at the party until an hour after it’s finished because their car broke down..!!

33. Sometimes this friendship crosses into another one, which makes for exciting social times :)

34. In fact it reminds you of all the other good friends that your friend has you too!

35. You feel so comfortable around this friend that you can’t imagine not having them in your life…

36. For the most part, they’re a complete rock.

37. They have no idea how much their friendship means to you…. And it’s a good job really because if they did then they’d be unbearable!

38. Their loyalty is admirable in a world where everyone wants what they want when they want it :)

39. You know that even though you argue sometimes, it wouldn’t take much for things to go back to normal… In fact there might not even need to be an argument at all! ;)

40. Everything about them is fun and interesting :)

105 Things to write about your best friend
105 Things to write about your best friend

41. This person played such a huge part in your life, and you’re sure there will never be anyone who will come close to them!

42. When the going gets tough the tough get going.

43. They always seem to know exactly what to do and when to do it :)

44. You can’t imagine having grown up without this person by your side… And you wouldn’t ever want to!

45…. In fact, if anything were ever to happen between you two then it would be a devastating blow to both of your lives :(

46. This friendship has such an epic history that no matter how much time passes, good times are inevitable!

47…. It’s just so amazing knowing that no matter how far apart you are, nothing will ever be able to affect your friendship :)

48. Your tenacity is totally admirable – In fact, you’re a total hero in my book!

49. Sometimes it seems like they have enough going on in their life without having responsibilities towards you too, but they never do let that stop them from being there for you when it really matters.

50. You can’t imagine life without this person who means so much to you…. And that’s a relief because if you were able to then they’d have gone by now ;)  :P

105 Things to write about your best friend
105 Things to write about your best friend

51. Their smile makes the world a better place… Even if sometimes it doesn’t quite reach their eyes :/

52. In fact, whenever anything happens where someone needs to be brave, you know that this person is going to have your back 100%… They always have!

53. You feel so comfortable around this person that even when they get mad at you you just shrug it off and continue on as if nothing happened.

54…. In fact, there have been times where you’ve been mad at them but decided not to say anything because it just wasn’t worth the fight in the end… And boy do they make up for it in other ways ;)

55. This friendship means a lot more than words can say… But we both know what we’d like it to mean ;) :P

56. You never realized how much of a difference having this person would make until they came into your life :D

57. You know that despite any differences you might have, they’re going to be there for you no matter what!

58. In fact, some of your best times were when you were on completely opposite sides of the world from each other… And still managed to meet up every now and then… Talk about commitment ;)

59. Sometimes it feels like this person has been in your life forever… But in a good way :)

60…. In fact it’s kind of a relief knowing that there’s a constant friendship that will never go away because it was built on such a strong foundation :)  :)  :)  :)  

61. They really seem to understand you and the moods that you’re in… Like they feel as if they’ve known you forever :D

62. This friendship is just so much fun…. Way more than any other relationship that you’ve had!

63. You can’t imagine what it would be like not to have this person around to call on when things go really wrong…. But at the same time, sometimes all you wish is that they didn’t know how much it affected you… Because then maybe things could be easier..?

64. It’s nice having someone who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is but knows when to draw the line!

65. Sometimes it feels like only one of them actually lives their life and the other only hangs on by a thread…. But it’s the threads that hold strong friendships together :D

66. There’s something about having someone who you know cares for you as if they were your brother or sister that makes life feel as if there is nothing to worry about :)

67. You’re always thinking of this person and wondering how they are… And whether what you’re doing now is going to make them proud!

68…. In fact, they’ve been such a huge influence in your life that even though you might not have realized it at the time, almost everything you do now is influenced by our friendship :P

69. This friendship means so much more than all the materialistic things in the world… And if you ever lost it, it would be like losing half of yourself!

70. Sometimes life is hard…. But you’re glad that this person is always there to make you smile again :)

71. This friendship isn’t going anywhere….. In fact, it’s going everywhere and making a big difference to the world :D

72. You know that whenever you need someone to talk to, they’ll be there… And sometimes even before you realize that you needed them! :)

73. Even when things get tough this friendship carries on growing stronger and stronger with every passing day… You both can’t wait for the next opportunity to meet up :D

74. It doesn’t matter how much time goes by without seeing each other…. You always pick up where you left off!

75. Going to have your back 100%… They always have!

76. This friendship is one for the lifetime…. There’s no way it could be replaced or ever die down :D

77. If anyone tried to come between this friendship, they’d have you to deal with… And there’s nothing more intimidating than that ;)

78.. In fact, it might be a good idea if someone tries anything funny not to mention our name because they’ll never hear the end of it :P

79. Sometimes it feels as if this person has known you all their life just because of how easy it is speaking to them about anything and everything :D

80. This friendship is so strong and yet so simple… There are no deep, dark secrets and nothing to forgive :D

81. Without this person in your life you feel as if there would be a huge chunk missing…. They really do complete you!

82. You’d do anything for this person even though they might not know it at the time…. But it helps that they are always doing things for you too :P

83. It’s nice having someone who understands what makes you tick… Not everyone does!

84. Even if the world around them was falling apart… This friendship would stay exactly where it was – rock solid :)

85…. Always will be!!! Totes besties 4 eva :)

86. You’ve known them for ages and they are still the same great person you got on with from day one :D

87. This friendship can never be replaced by anything else in the world… It has a little magic within it that nothing else could have!

88. This friendship is so much more than just words on a screen… It has to be one of the best friendships you’ve ever had :D

89. If you could describe this friendship in one word… It would be epic :D

90. A duo for life! Or should we say a trio! ;) xxx

91…. Where would we be without our number 1 bestie? Never mind, we wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves if we didn’t have them to talk to and laugh with!

92. It’s been years since you’ve first got on with each other… But it feels as if you’ve known this person all your life :D

93…. In fact, spending time together just seems so easy now that you’ve found the right balance of friendship within your relationship!

94. This friendship is more than just a friendship… It’s a sisterhood! :D

95. You both have each other’s backs and that’s what makes this friendship so strong… There will never be any arguments between you two :D

96. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world… As soon as you get that message you know it’ll cheer up your day :D

97. You look forward to catching up with them every time…. Even if it’s just over a cup of tea and a cake :)

98. In fact, they are your number 1 fan no matter what you do and that means the world to you!

99. Even if this friendship doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere…. You know that one day something amazing is going to happen and it will be the best thing ever!!!

100. There is no such word as ‘fall out’ in this vocabulary… This friendship is forever

101. Some people may say those best friends are hard to come by… But it only means that you have to look a lot harder to find the best :D

102. In fact, this friendship is so much stronger now than it ever has been before… And there’s no way in hell you’re going to let go of that ;)

103. Sometimes you just have to remind yourself that you are in one of the best friendships in the world because it makes you feel good about yourself :P

104. This friendship is more than just a friendship… It’s family!

105. Where do we even begin with this friendship? It would take us forever to try and sum it up in words!