How to Improve Handwriting

How to improve handwriting? Before answering this question, Let’s start with handwriting instruction.

Handwriting is writing done with a pen or pencil, usually on paper. Unfortunately, the essential ability to write readable letters is something that most people take for granted.

It is, however, a skill that is extremely important and one of the basic building blocks of education.

Everybody at school learns how to write letters, but not everybody does it well. This is because calligraphy can be pretty complicated, and there are many rules to remember when writing letters.

I’ll give you an example of a helpful rule for calligraphy: in English, most words have at least one vowel (a, e, i, o, u). It is, therefore, always a good idea to start writing these words by drawing the vowel at the beginning of the term.

Words that begin with O

Why is handwriting so important?

There are several reasons why handwriting is essential for people to learn. The first reason has already been mentioned: it is a fundamental skill and one that we need to know if we wish to make our writing more readable. It also creates a foundation for other skills such as typing and word processing because it is much easier to learn how to use a computer if you already know how to write. In the past, penmanship was even more critical because you couldn’t rely on a computer’s autocorrect function!

Uppercase Handwriting Practice

List of Reasons Why my own handwriting is so bad?

Left-handed, I cannot write directly on paper because pencils and fountain pens tend to smear the ink.

Most people are right-handed and regular paper is made only for right-handed people; we left-handers have to cut the piece and turn it upside down.

My calligraphy skills as a lefty are horrible! Likewise, my handwriting is terrible because I am left-handed. If you are also lefty, try writing backward on your hand with your non-dominant hand.

You will see how it becomes more natural, and your calligraphy is terrible because of that.

My hand tends to cramp up often. I need to take frequent breaks for it to recover. Bad handwriting? Or maybe I am just old. (kidding) This is the writer’s cramp.

Because of the above, I tend to type a lot more than I write by hand. I have to take breaks for my hand to recover. So you need to get up and stretch.

I get tired of writing if I do it for too long, so my penmanship worsens as I continue writing. The same applies to typing, yes?

When I was young, teachers always told me that my handwriting was terrible, and because of that, I needed to improve it. Isn’t this a reasonable explanation? Unfortunately, this is one of those “good” explanations.

I’m Asian, and most Asians share the same handwriting. However, perhaps you are unaware that each person has a unique script.

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Hand lettering analysis: Why is my handwriting so bad?

Don’t worry if your handwriting is not as good as you would like it to be. Unfortunately, many people’s penmanship is terrible, and they never learn how to improve it. It’s also normal for your penmanship to deteriorate in times of stress or when you’re tired.

People develop lousy handwriting because they haven’t practiced enough, they don’t understand it, or any number of other reasons.

I have a hard time making my cursive handwriting look nice, and it is hard to make my cursive writing look beautiful. This is because I used to write in cursive when I was in elementary school.

O is for Octopus Handwriting Worksheet

Write Legibly. Why do you desire to improve your handwriting skills?

Good handwriting is the key to progress and success. It’s an essential skill for children to succeed in the education system.

Many people, including teachers and parents, think that they can always type something up, or get somebody else to do it for them, so they don’t need to worry about their calligraphy.

However, handwriting is a skill that you use in every aspect of your life, not just when you’re writing things down.

Handwriting is a vital part of communication and is often the only way to convey exact information.

Remember that you use your eyes, brain, and hands when writing. Therefore, for a person to receive exactly what you’re trying to convey, they need to be able to read your writing.

The more legible and clear your writing is, the less likely it is that someone will need to ask you to clarify something.

Good handwriting is also a vital part of your personal development and record keeping. It’s often necessary for people to read your penmanship, so if you have bad or illegible writing, it can cause difficulties.

Many employers are likely to look at your resume or application form before they even consider interviewing you. If their first impression of you is that your handwriting is difficult to read, you’re likely to miss out on the position.

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Advantages of neat handwriting are :

1. Clarity. Your penmanship should be clear and comfortable to read so your teacher can understand your answers, or a shopkeeper can understand your script when buying food. Writing neat and legible writing makes an impression that does not quickly fade, even if the reader does not remember your appearance.

2. Good impression when writing business cards, brochures, invitations, and greeting cards to make a lasting impression when writing.

3. Neat handwriting is easy to read and understand the meaning if you want to conceal your writing from others.

4. Writing style can be used as a medical tool to diagnose the state of neuromuscular function or neuropathy.

5. Legible handwriting can be used as a crime detection method, for example, when you want to differentiate suspects’ handwriting at a crime scene.

6. Nice handwriting can be used as a tool for graphology, which is the science of evaluating individuals through their calligraphy.

7. It can be used as a diagnostic tool to discover patients’ health, especially in forensic pathology.

8. It can be used to analyze other people’s writing habits to uncover the truth when someone denies something.

9. Cursive writing can be used as a tool for communication studies, especially language and literacy.

10. Easy to transfer the writing to paintings.

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Tell me the characteristic of a better handwriting style?

This question has many answers depending on the field of study. There is no one clear answer for this. 

A good style cannot be defined in a few words.

The first thing that comes to mind is the legibility and neatness of the calligraphy. A good penmanship style must be easy to read and understand.

Also, it is crucial to have a good style that can be done with the least possible effort. This makes writing the thoughts and ideas easier as soon as they arise.

It is also good if a person’s penmanship can be written faster than possible with the computer. A good style can be written faster than the digital format of words.

Some people appreciate the artistic aspects of writing fast. They appreciate the aesthetics of a well-written handwriting style that is pleasing to look at and pleasurable to read.

Lowercase Handwriting Practice

How to Improve Handwriting Tips: How can I speed up my handwriting?

You can improve your penmanship speed by practicing. There are several things you can do to practice your calligraphy:

Practice writing the alphabet (upper case and lower case) or numbers (0-9)

Once you complete this, try writing sentences or paragraphs. Once you do that, try writing an entire page of words without stopping.

Enjoy writing.

Improve your handwriting for increased fluidity and faster writing. 

Stretch the muscles in your arm, middle fingers, and wrist. 

Improve your muscle memory.

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What are some ways to improve your handwriting?

These are some suggestions for handwriting practice. They are intended to be used by adults or high school students who have trouble with their calligraphy.

For your handwriting inspiration:

Handwriting Regular Practice Sheets

Pages of lined practice paper that have pre-printed letters in various sizes.

Some examples:


Blank Lined Paper – Handwriting Practice Worksheet

Penmanship Paper

Alphabet Handwriting Professions Astronaut

Handwriting Practice Software Programs with a virtual keyboard display a letter, and the user traces over the letter with a mouse or stylus.

Some examples: 

StartWrite: Handwriting Worksheet Wizard

Writing Software – Handwriting, Keyboarding, Composition

Lazy Dog calligraphy and cursive writing practice – Google Play

Calligraphy – Art Maker on the App Store

Cursive Practice on the App Store

Some examples of pages with printed lowercase letters of various sizes: 

Lowercase Printing Practice Worksheets & Teaching Resources

Level 1 handwriting worksheets – lowercase

FREE Upper and Lowercase Letter Formation Writing

Printed D’Nealian All The Letters

Pages with the basic shapes of Zaner-Bloser handwriting, but printed in the D’Nealian print style.

Alphabet Handwriting Professions Dentist

A good example is 

D’Nealian Handwriting Charts – Free! – This Reading Mama

Manuscript Paper

Pages with guidelines printed in the margin.

Some examples: 

Manuscript Paper – Music Theory

Free Printable Manuscript Paper |

Write on lined paper or use a template:

32 Printable Lined Paper Templates ᐅ TemplateLab

Lined Paper Templates | Teaching Ideas

Handwriting Name Progress Worksheet

Is your handwriting small and cramped?

Make Your Calligraphy Bigger.

Do you avoid writing because it’s so frustrating to try to read what you’ve written? You may be able to improve your handwriting without any practice at all. All you need to do is make your writing bigger!

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How to Improve Handwriting Tips: Writing Utensils

Pencils were a staple of the school environment before ballpoints and felt tips. Today, they’re still the best everyday writing utensil.

The best pencils are free from grit, powdery bits, and other defects affecting the writing experience. The lead should be hard and sharp to be pressed firmly and smoothly onto paper without too much effort. And the barrel should be comfortable, with a good weight and a good feel in hand.

The best pencils should have high opacity, so they shouldn’t be repeatedly re-written on paper. In addition, good opacity is critical for children doing exams, where fading pencil marks can lead to wrong answers being awarded.

There are three types of pencil lead on the market. Graphite, standard clay, and unique graphite formula leads are what you’ll find in most stores.

Although graphite pencils are cheaper, they can be scratchy on paper. Standard clay pencils are softer but one-dimensional in their range of use. Special graphite formula pencils have a dense, lubricant-like consistency that gives them a creamy smoothness. The waxier the formula, the better they are for writing. The wax also protects the lead against breaking.

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The art of sharpening a pencil is essential to its feel. An average pencil will need to be sharpened every four or five strokes if you’re writing a long line. 

But the action is also subjective and personal: people prefer holding and using a sharpener. The best pencils will need minor work, and the lead won’t break during sharpening.

Lastly, it’s worth considering where you’ll be using your pencil. For everyday use at school or work, try a famous brand. Look for a premium lead that delivers sharp, clear straight lines with minimal re-writing for exam use. 

An example of a good pencil in this category is the Pilot Dr. Grip Hi-Techpoint HB Pencil, which comes with a particular formula lead, anti-dust technology, and a rubber grip.

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Fountain pen with a fine nib:

Fountain pens were the writing utensil of choice before ballpoints. They are still great for everyday use because they don’t require constant refills, and they’re very smooth to write with. They’re also more environmentally friendly — there’s no need to throw them.

Gel pens are suitable for handwritten notes because they dry quickly on paper. What’s more, some brands are even marketed as being ‘erasable’ if you make a mistake.

But if you’re writing by hand, they can’t compare to ink pens in terms of opacity. They also tend to be scratchier on paper, even if the brand’s marketing doesn’t tell you this.

Mechanical pencils are good for quick notes.

Use a Nice Pen to improve your writing.

Learn to hold your pen or pencil correctly.

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For Handwriting improvement, please keep it simple.

To improve your handwriting, keep it simple. And then practice practice, and practice some more.

I would first like to say that I am not a handwriting expert. I have completed some studies on the subject, but I am certainly not an expert in every sense of the word.

I have looked at many different methods for handwriting improvement over the years. I have tried to learn from each. In my opinion, if you want to improve your handwriting, it is essential to understand why you are doing so.

It’s easy to copy the shape of the letters in some handwriting samples, but if you don’t understand what the notes are doing, it is challenging to improve your handwriting.

Bi Color Letter A WritingWords Foundational Worksheet

How to Improve Handwriting Tips: Embrace your writing style

I want to take you through the three basic styles that I think correspond best with people’s natural writing.

The first phase to finding your style is to work on developing it. There are many different ways to do this, but the best one is tracing. I’m not talking about the children’s activity. It’s best to use a thicker pen and write on excellent paper with a pencil first so that you can erase all mistakes. This way, you’ll get a good idea of how the letters go together, and you can also see where they need to be adjusted.

If you prefer a digital approach, you can find a font that fits your handwriting on the Internet and adjust it to have the same feeling as your handwriting.

One of my favorite styles is the most simple but still has charm. It has a few adornments, but you can quickly go without them. It also looks nice with several different kinds of pens, and it’s very natural-looking.

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How to Improve Handwriting Tips: Best book to Improve Your Handwriting Skills 

Graphonomics- A Study of Handwriting Details by Aruna Sasidharan

Graphology is the study of handwriting to make conclusions about the writer’s personality, mental state, and other aspects without speaking to the writer

The Graphology book evaluates paper strokes, pen pressure, letter size/shape, letter slant, letter legibility, letter arrangement, etc.

Graphonomics is a study of handwriting details to improve your handwriting and to have a better understanding of the handwriting details of others.

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This book is about the psychology and science of written text; it’s about how you write what you write. It’s about how to improve your own handwriting and about understanding other people’s handwriting.

It is a book full of scientific experiments, graphs, data analysis, and scientific explanations to back up the claims made in this book. So even if you are not interested in improving your handwriting, you can read this book to understand what exactly goes into handwriting analysis.

Reading the Graphonomics book aided me in slowing down and focusing on consistent letterforms.

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How to Improve Handwriting Tips: Where can I find plain-lined paper for cursive writing? 

List of online stores selling plain lined paper:

Amazon.c (try an advanced search)

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Online store selling a variety of stationery supplies:

Paper Presentation, Inc. (United States of America)

Stationery store near you

You can also find the plain lined paper at Walmart, Staples, Office Depot, Target, Walgreens, grocery stores (such as Loblaws and Superstore), Dollar stores, etc.

How do I make the writing bigger on lined paper?

You can enlarge your handwriting by drawing a grid over the lines. If you need further help, consider using a larger-tipped pen or pencil.

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Will my handwriting improve if I use an expensive pen?

Handwriting is an essential life skill. A necessary part of this skill is practice and using the right equipment. For example, you can practice writing with practice paper, practice pens, and practice pencils. 

However, even if you practice with expensive equipment, your handwriting will not improve unless you practice using the same technique required for your exams.

Answer No, using an expensive pen will not improve your handwriting as the equipment does not affect how you write. You can practice with practice paper, pencils, and pens of any price. The only thing that affects your handwriting is how you hold the pen.