How To Have Good Handwriting – 21 Tips To Improve Your Handwriting Right Now!

Writing down your thoughts is a great way to improve thinking, reading, and learning. But if your cursive writing is illegible, then your handwriting stops your own power and hides your greatness.

If you would like to improve your own handwriting, follow these easy steps, and you will improve your handwriting skills in no time!

How To Have Good Handwriting Tips

1. Handwriting Practice With Pen – Remember to use the correct pencil grip if your handwriting is illegible. Practice writing legibly for at least 15 minutes a day! It’s More Important to write legible handwriting than to write quickly.

1 How To Have Good Handwriting 21 Tips To Improve

2. Proper Writing Surface – The best writing surface for your handwriting is a classic piece of lined paper. Using specialized cursive writing paper with lines and dots may improve your script, but it can also improve your writing speed. If you are writing slowly with cursive form, this will not improve your handwriting. However, if you are writing legible cursive handwriting quickly, it will improve your handwriting even more!

3. Practice Your Handwriting – The best way to improve your handwriting is always to practice writing. So practice your cursive handwriting as much as possible and learn to love your own script.

4. Keep A Journal – Take time to write in your journal every day. When you improve your cursive handwriting style, your modern calligraphy will improve.

5. Write A Letter To A Friend – Writing a letter to a friend or family member is always excellent. Make sure to improve your handwriting before you write the letter. Otherwise, they won’t want to reply!

2 How To Have Good Handwriting 21 Tips To Improve

6. Neat Handwriting Practice Lowercase Letters – If you want to improve your handwriting, improve the lowercase letters first. Once you improve the lowercase letters, your uppercase writing will improve very quickly.

7. Practice Fonts – If you are learning to improve your handwriting, use an easy font to enhance your script. Once you improve your writing with an easy font, try a more complicated font to enhance your handwriting even more!

8. Improve your handwriting by Maintaining a Relaxed Grip – If you improve your script by holding a relaxed grip, your writing will be easier to read. Just make sure not to squeeze the pencil too hard. Otherwise, your handwriting will be illegible.

3 How To Have Good Handwriting 21 Tips To Improve

9. Legibility Of Handwriting Is A Key To Success – If you improve your handwriting with a rubber grip, your writing will improve even more. Just make sure to enhance your script quickly. Otherwise, people won’t be able to read your good handwriting.

10. To improve your handwriting, Start with Drills: The result will be much better if you improve your script with drills. Drills improve efficiency in writing and enhance legibility too!

11. Improve your handwriting Experiment with Paper Rotations: Start by generally writing with your left hand. Then rotate 90 degrees to the right and write again. Continue rotating 90 degrees in the same direction until you have completed a full circle, and write again. Next, try the same thing with your right hand.

4 How To Have Good Handwriting 21 Tips To Improve

12. Write slowly: Try to improve your legibility by writing slowly and deliberately. If you write more slowly, you’re less likely to make mistakes and end up having to erase and re-write.

13. Control your pencil grip: Most people use a fairly common grip when holding their pencil, but you may improve your handwriting if you experiment with other grips. If you have a pencil about to write and then relax your grip completely, it will likely fall from your fingers. That’s because you usually grip the pencil more tightly than necessary for writing. Try to find a comfortable, relaxed position where you don’t have to grab the pencil at all (Keep in mind that you need to protect your paper from excessive indentation.). Also, make sure your fingers are not gripping the pencil too close to its tip, which can limit your ability to control the letters.

14. Practice expressing speed and slant: Try writing the same sentence differently. Write it usually, but then try to increase your speed or change the angle of the letters.

5 How To Have Good Handwriting 21 Tips To Improve

15. Try writing with your non-dominant hand: If you’re right-handed, try to improve the legibility of your handwriting by registering with your left hand (or vice versa if you’re left-handed). It’s easy to enhance your ability to control a pencil if you practice with your non-dominant hand.

16. Use different paper sizes: Make sure that the size of your paper is appropriate for the size of your writing. If your writing is too small, you can improve legibility by experimenting with different-sized forms (such as switching from regular-sized paper to legal or letter size).

17. Try using a pencil grip: If you typically use a standard writing grip, you might improve your legibility by using a pencil grip that requires that you maintain more contact between your fingers and the pencil. For example, the tripod grip, which requires you to maintain contact between your writing hand’s pinky and ring fingers with the pencil, can improve legibility.

6 How To Have Good Handwriting 21 Tips To Improve

This is particularly helpful for left-handed writers.

18. Use a pencil with a thicker lead: Try using a wide tip if you usually use a pencil with a thin lead. The thicker lead makes it easier to improve your handwriting.

19. Write in cursive: If you write in cursive, try to improve the legibility of your handwriting by practicing writing individual letters. In addition, you can improve your ability to control the letters by writing each letter slowly and deliberately. However, don’t force yourself to use cursive if you’re uncomfortable with it.

7 How To Have Good Handwriting 21 Tips To Improve

20. Practice dividing your attention: If you have difficulty reading your own handwriting, try writing the same sentence twice – once with your dominant hand and again with your non-dominant hand. This will improve your ability to divide your attention, which is crucial for good handwriting.

21. Improve your handwriting: Choose The right Pen

By its very nature, a fountain pen requires a more thoughtful and deliberate action than a ballpoint. So it is easy to notice how handwriting entails choice and decision-making. In a way, it is a subconscious calculation, not so much in the sense of adding up figures as weighing up possibilities. After all, there are as many ways to write as there are people.

With such a variety of possibilities, the right choice must be made. It is certainly possible to improve handwriting, no matter how good or bad it already is. The fountain pen can help improve writing by encouraging a more delicate and considered approach.

8 How To Have Good Handwriting 21 Tips To Improve
How To Have Good Handwriting

Choosing the right pen can improve handwriting, so opt for a fountain pen. There are several things to take into consideration. This is a guide to help you improve handwriting and choose the right pen:

Material: There are several materials from which a fountain pen’s nib can be made, but gold gives the best performance. However, it tends to rust over time and needs to be cleaned regularly. Stainless steel is more durable but can feel harder to control.

TIP: If the nib becomes challenging to write with, clean it in warm water with a mild detergent.

Style: The most common types are the Quill, Ciselé, and Pearl. Quills are made from a single feather, while Ciselé and Pearl are made from two or three feathers.

TIP: The lower the weight of a pen, the easier it will be to improve handwriting.

Size: By its very nature, a fountain pen requires a more thoughtful and deliberate action than a ballpoint, so the size of the writing instrument is an important consideration.

TIP: Hold a pen at its center of balance to improve handwriting.

9 How To Have Good Handwriting 21 Tips To Improve
How To Have Good Handwriting

Barrel shape: The grip is the most crucial part of the barrel for improving handwriting, but it depends on whether you prefer a round or triangular shape.

TIP: If you are left-handed, you might prefer a pen with a rubber grip to improve your handwriting.