Top 21 Examples of Creative Writing

Looking for inspiration? These 21 examples of creative writing will have you feeling inspired in no time.

Many people in the world of writing and in creative fields use a “creative boost.” This is often achieved by reading other people’s work or looking for inspiration from outside their own work.

The following article compiles a list of 21 individuals who have done both to produce some incredibly powerful works.

Examples of Creative Writing 1

Autobiography Memoir

An autobiography or memoir is a type of creative writing that tells the story of a person’s life. Someone with exceptional experiences often writes an autobiography, and it can be used to say to an individual’s life story. It can also serve as a means for perspective, meaning it can describe other people’s lives.

Autobiographies are different from biographies because they are usually written in the first person rather than a third-person narrative that relates to events in the author’s life. They are also different from autobiographical essays, which may consist of personal reflections on love or relationships but not always about the writer’s own experience.

Creative non-fiction (Personal & Journalistic Essays)

Creative non-fiction is a genre that includes personal essays, journalistic essays, memoirs, journals, and travel writing.

Creative non-fiction is used to craft personal stories that are mainly true and journalistic essays. Journalistic essays include a combination of reporting and feature writing with a focus on factual accuracy.

Examples of Creative Writing 2

Children’s books

Creative writing for children is a form of writing that is often overlooked in the literature. However, children’s books are not just for children. But they can teach adults some critical lessons about life.

Children’s books are more than just stories that can help educate children. They can help teach adults some crucial lessons in life that might have been forgotten over time.


Drama is a genre of literature. It tells a story straightforwardly and emotionally. The story is usually set in the past or the future with conflicts, struggles, and problems.

It can also be a play with dialogue and action designed to capture this same sense of emotion.

The term “drama” comes from the Greek word “dromena” which means “actions” or “things done on stage.”

Examples of Creative Writing 3

Epic poetry

Epic poetry is a genre that is also known as long narrative poetry. Typically, this poem has long narratives and describes heroic deeds that are usually considered significant in history.

In this section, we will discuss the history of epic poems and how they reflect the culture of a given period.

Flash fiction

This is a short story that is written in 100 words or less. It’s about coming up with ideas and writing them quickly.

I was writing my first flash fiction today. I already had an idea about a wedding, but I needed to develop the plot twist at the end. I felt stuck, and it wasn’t going anywhere, so I thought of another idea and started typing away. The second idea just came to me in a matter of minutes, and it felt so good to write it down after all that time struggling with the first one!

Graphic novels Comics

Comics are a form of art that can tell a story in pictures. Graphic novels are comics that have been made into books so they can be purchased and read.

Creative writing is different from other forms of writing because it focuses on imagination. It doesn’t have to be based on reality. For example, graphic novels are often seen as an art form, just like comics, because they use creativity to tell facts.


A novel is a form of fictional prose narrative typically having at least 40,000 words. Novels are written in prose but also contain some poetry.

A novel is a story told in prose form and can be either fictional or non-fictional.

The word “novel” derives from the Italian word “novella,” which means “new.” The earliest known use of this word was in 1539, spelled as a novella. The word may have come from the French word “nouvelle.”

Traditionally, the term “novel” refers to a work of fiction that is usually long and complex.

Play theater

Play, also called theatre, is a form of live performance art in which actors on a stage act out stories. Playwrights write the scripts for the play.

One person who helps create the costumes and sets used in performances is called a set designer. Another person who helps make the costumes and sets is named a theatre director. Finally, the person who manages all theater productions is called a producer.

The theater has been around for about 2500 years since it was first performed in ancient Greece during religious festivals. It was initially used to teach people about gods, heroes, and nature through stories.

Today, people still use theater to perform stories and express feelings or ideas.


Poetry is a form of art that is expressed through language. Poets use words to convey feelings and emotions without using any other medium.

Creative writing focuses on the art of storytelling. It might be written or spoken, but it’s always based on imagination and creativity.

The most critical skills for poets are:

– subject knowledge

– innovative writing

– ability with language


The screenplay is a type of script for movies. It mainly includes the film’s dialogue, sound, and music information.

Screenwriters write a screenplay. Screenwriters write scripts for movies, television series, or video games. They use their storytelling and dramatic structure knowledge to develop story ideas into full-fledged scripts that can then be sent to production companies.

Genre Writing – considered creative writing

Creative writing is always thought of as an act of autobiographical expression. The author creates a novel, poem, or story from their own experiences. The content, not its form, usually defines the genre. Creative writing can be done in any form to convey an emotion or express an idea to the reader. It can take the form of drama, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and film script.

Creative writing has been around for centuries and continues to remain popular today.

Short story – Creative writing examples

A short story is a piece of prose fiction that can be read in one sitting. The definition is somewhat subjective, but a tale generally includes a protagonist and a conflict.

A short story should not be confused with a novella, which is generally considered to have at least 20,000 words or 50 pages.

Collaboration – Creative writing examples

Collaboration is not just about creative writing. It can be about anything that people are working on. Creative writing is just one of the many ways people collaborate.

Collaborative creative writing does not require two people to write the same story simultaneously. Instead, it means that two different writers come up with their own imaginative stories or narratives, and then they work together to combine them into one fantastic account.

The final result will be a unique story created by two talented writers coming together and telling a story in unison without any competition between them.

Dialogues – Creative writing examples

Creative writing is a skill that can be used in various professions. Creative writers are in demand in the corporate sector, advertising sector, film industry, social media, etc.

This section explores different types of creative writing and their role in the future of copywriting.

One type of creative writing is dialogue. Dialogue is a conversation between two or more people or groups – which might be fictional or made-up. It captures the speaking style of the characters and their emotions and thoughts during a conversation.

Dialogue plays a vital role in understanding the importance of context. It also helps readers identify with characters better as they can see how they react to certain situations and their responses.

Comic Strips – Creative writing examples

Comic Strips are a popular form of entertainment, and the majority of these comics are gag-a-day strips. These comic strips typically follow a three-panel layout with two or three captioned panels below a comic strip.

We should note that only one comic strip has been found to have been written by an AI writer at the time of this writing. This is Garfield, which Jim Davis created.

Blogs – Examples of Creative Writing

Blogging has always been an excellent and creative way to express their thoughts and feelings. Blogs are not only a new way for people to express themselves, but they can also be an effective means of building a following and connecting with like-minded individuals.

Blogs can contribute to the success of an organization in many ways. For example, they provide up-to-date information about the company or organization, introduce new products or services, or even announce events that the public may be interested in attending.

Rap – Examples of Creative Writing

Rap is a form of creative writing usually written in a rhythmic style. It can be used to protest, criticize, or expose societal issues.

Rap lyrics tend to be the spoken word over a rhythmic beat. The songs are typically delivered in rhyme and sometimes contain a traditional chorus or hook phrase.

Rap has been around since the 1970s and was first used as an expression for low-income black communities living in poverty. In recent years, rap has been adopted by mainstream society and has become popular with many people across different races and classes.

Twitter Stories – Examples of Creative Writing

Twitter Stories is a creative writing project run by the Short Stories Festival. It has been running for over ten years now. The winners are compiled into an annual anthology of short stories published in October.

The Short Stories Festival invites established writers to submit stories based on their Twitter feed each year. Public members then vote on these. The winning story is published as an anthology at the end of the year.

Essay – Examples of Creative Writing

When we hear the word essay, we often think of a school assignment or an academic paper. However, in this article, we will explore what essays are and how they can be used for other purposes.

An essay is an informal piece of writing used for different purposes. For example, it may be written as an argumentative essay to inform or persuade someone on a topic or registered as a personal reflection to explain one’s thoughts on something that happened to them. There are many other ways that essays can be written depending on the person’s needs.

An essay is different from a research paper because research papers usually have a more formal structure and length than essays.

Essays usually last about 3-5 pages, but there aren’t any formal restrictions on how long they can be.

Greeting Cards – Examples of Creative Writing

Greeting cards are more than just a card with a pre-written message on them. They’re like an emotional and thoughtful way of telling someone you care.

Writing a greeting card is all about showing your creativity and making the person feel special on their birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion.

A greeting card can be as simple as a blank card with some words or elaborate as a homemade 3D diorama. There’s no limit to what you can do with them!