Mitto stands for financial education for your teens

Financial education for teenagers from age 14.
Our service was designed to help teens learn how to manage their money wisely so that they can contribute to a more sustainable planet.



Send and receive money easily


Mitto allows your teens to request for funds easily and receive them instantly and reliably. The perfect solution if your teenagers are out or travelling.


Help your teens become financially independent by setting boundaries


Set boundaries on every purchase they make and set up a daily as well as a monthly budget. By doing so, you will provide your teens with financial independence, but with spending control for greater peace of mind. Manage the budget anytime and lower or increase it according to how your teens are going.


Teach your teens how to make smart decisions about money


Teach them how to make the best of their money and they will enjoy amazing offers and discounts on their favorite and sustainable brands.


Monitor purchases and help teens develop good money habits


By monitoring spending on a regular basis, you will get a clear picture of the way they spend the funds you give them access to.
Monitor account balance to see how your teens manage their personal finances.



Sustainability for the present and the future


Your teens are already aware of the importance of a better planet, that is why we are giving them the financial education tools they need to make wise decisions on how to spend their money, for a sustainable future for all.

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Financial independence for teens
and greater peace of mind for parents


High-quality financial service

All payments are safe and secure thanks to VISA Purchase Protection.


Personalised support

Live chat to resolve your queries in a fast and efficient way.


Activate and disable

You can activate a physical and a virtual card.


Financial education

Educational content to improve their financial management.



All transactions are safe and secure.


Special offers

Discounts on their favorite brands.

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