Humanity is currently a victim of the consequences of the excesses of the 2nd Industrial Revolution, a development especially based on the use of fossil fuels as an energy source. Access to that cheap kind of energy is the main reason why some of us have enjoyed so much wealth during the second half of the twentieth century and the first decades of the twenty-first century.


In the years when the world’s economies have shifted between growth periods and moments of crisis, we have forgotten that we had been granted a loan that we and the future generations will have to pay back.


Nature has lent us its resources, and instead of renewing them, we have turned them into the pollution that is poisoning us and the greenhouse effect, which is threatening the existence of all species as we know them, including our own.


Wealth is so unequally distributed in our big human family that only 200 people control as many as 5,000,000,000, and this inequality keeps growing every day.


More and more people are becoming aware of this situation and call their governments to action in order to change policies and find effective solutions. Conventions on climate change keep taking place, but with no effective results.

By now we know that the threat is real and the time for change is now. However, what is preventing change if the threat is so big that it could put an end to our civilization?


Nobody consciously wants to destroy life on the planet, but we keep doing so.

Nobody wants to exploit another human being to the point that they turn into modern-day slaves, but we keep doing so.


We at Mitto believe that the time has come to stop exploiting the planet and the rest of humanity. It is time we transform our consciousness and turn it to action. And not only by demonstrating in huge public spaces or voting for our political representatives, but also by making responsible financial choices every day.


Every purchase determines the world we live in. One payment at a time, we are going to change the world.


We want our planet to be alive

The planet we live in is the most welcoming and the most beautiful place in the whole known universe and deserves all our love and care.


We want healthy relationships among all human beings

We sustain equality and fraternity in relationships among all members of the human family, respecting everyone’s freedom of thought and choice.


We believe in youth

We are still a young species full of enthusiasm and strength and we keep learning from our mistakes.


We believe in maturity

We believe in the reality of a limited world that matures rather than in the fantasy of a world that can grow until infinity and beyond.


We stand for consciousness in action

We know that every gesture counts and that we have lots of opportunities to do the right thing every day.


We multiply our influence

Because we don’t just add up, we multiply, we make sure that consciousness in action continues to expand.


We stand for success

You can choose what your definition of success is. Ours is to do the right thing for the rest of our human family and the planet every single day.