Do you want to be part of
the change to save the planet?


Mitto is building from the sunny Barcelona a new kind of payment system to make all of us aware of the impact our purchasing habits have on the planet and the human family.


The company has seen unprecedented growth in Spain and is looking for expanding its operations to the rest of the countries of the European Economic Area and to Latinamerica.

Open positions


Data Scientist



Customer Success Manager


Why Work at Mitto?


  • We develop our consciousness in action working as a team and sharing strong values.
  • We believe in the strength of mixing creativity and social impact.
  • We’re building a great culture with gender equality, inclusiveness and the voice of every human.
  • Our relationship is based on trust.
  • You can work remotely every time that the nature of the project allows it.
  • We work flexible hours because we focus on results, not the time you’re seated in front of your laptop.
  • We like Mondays because when we arrive there is a great breakfast for all.
  • Every day after lunch we enjoy the best personally Italian coffee in the World from our friends at Three Marks.
  • We offer a competitive salary and a career path.
  • We have the best Manifesto that we could ever have imagined 😉