We at Mitto want to raise consciousness in action for a responsible way to spend money and a sustainable world. By joining, you will automatically receive access to discounts on sustainable brands that you can then share with whoever you want. Awaken the activist within and activate your Mitto card now!



Why Mitto?


We want to raise collective consciousness in action.

Every purchase counts and determines the world we live in. The way you spend your money has an impact on your personal finances. By buying a product, you are supporting the way it was made, so it is your responsibility as a human being to be aware of how your shopping habits affect you and the planet. Knowing the impact of your payments concerns us all. Open your eyes to the activist within and you will find out that cooperating for a better world doesn’t cost anything.

Sustainability is ageless

Sustainability is ageless

From ages 14 to 99, there is plenty of time to learn that we have the duty to develop our collective consciousness in action. Mitto takes the relationship humanity – planet to another level.
Sustainability first

Sustainability first

We commit to becoming more and more sustainable every day by contributing to reducing, reutilising and recycling. Saving is the goal, especially your money.
Models of change

Models of change

We are a constantly expanding multitude. That is why we created an alternative model that allows you to invite others to join and, together, multiply exponentially your purchase power and that of the whole world.
Lots of surprises in store

Lots of surprises in store

Benefit from our weekly initiatives and save money: giveaways, coupons… We create a whole new experience. Activate notifications to enjoy it even more!

Consciousness in action manifesto


Every purchase determines the world we live in. One payment at a time, we are going to change the world.

We at Mitto believe that the time has come to stop exploiting the planet and the rest of humanity. It is time we transform our consciousness and turn it to action. And not only by demonstrating in huge public spaces or voting for our political representatives, but also by making responsible financial choices every day.




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Mitto adheres to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which means we comply with all necessary security requirements.


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