2022 Best Blogging Styles That You Need to Try

The following are some examples of ways to start your blog. I’m not saying these are the only way to do it. They are the blogging styles that I have just tried.

The Academic Blog Style 

I am providing five different types of the blog post. The goal is to provide an academic way to post so that academic research can be presented to the world. This is the most shared blog post I have found, with bullet points or subheadings including a blockquote.

The Slide Blog Style

This style was adopted from presentations and class lectures, where the article would be read as a slideshow.

In Theory, this is an excellent idea as it means that the posts are read in the same style as academic papers with all of the exact referencing and citation.

Unfortunately, it is usually tough to do this style as people often use images of other people’s writing.

Because of this, I would not recommend using this style as it fails to meet the original aim, and it is often hard to read and understand for people who are not already familiar with the article.

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The Mind Map Style Blog

The “Mind Map” style is taken straight out of mind-mapping applications. The idea behind this format is that it makes it easier to structure and organize thoughts and ideas.

While this style is easy to create, I would not recommend using this format as you will not fully achieve your aim of academic-style blogging. As a result, it is often not as good as expected and can be harder to read.

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The Historian Style Blog 

It is a unique style of blogging that allows for spontaneity, divergent thinking, and occasional profanity. It is open to historians in every field, from the ancient world to contemporary history.

The Historian Blogging Style is a personal blog that publishes posts on an irregular schedule, often a post a month. The Historian Blogging Style also publishes new ideas and original content, even when the results are incomplete.

The Historian Blogging Style also blogs about its experiences as a historian. This includes personal stories, reflections, opinions on current events, and even efforts to apply what it has learned as a historian to other areas.

The Historian Blogging Style also blogs about pop culture, including movies, music, television shows, and other forms of entertainment.

The Historian Blogging Style blogs in irregular or no chronological order.

The Historian Blogging Style does not have a regular publishing schedule.

The Historian Blogging Style will use profanity when appropriate in the context of a post.

The Historian Blogging Style may also focus on specific topics, such as sports history or fashion.

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Content-Centric Blogging Style For Search Engines

What is Content-Centric Blogging Style? In content-centric blogging style, the focus lies on the topic that’s being covered. Therefore, it contains a series of paragraphs and sub-paragraphs. Wherever required, headings are used to understand the hidden topic in detail. In content-centric blogging style, images, lists, and videos add value to the easy understanding of the topic being discussed. For example, Techgig is a content-centric blog, and it provides information that’s easy to understand for the reader. Besides text, images are also used to make the blog interesting and informative.

What are the advantages of Content-Centric Blogging Style? Since there is a focus on content, people who want to convey information over the internet widely use this blogging style. In content-centric blogging style, the emphasis is on the content and not on style. Therefore, it’s suitable for those who want to convey information over the internet as it is easy to understand.

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Single Paragraph Blogging Style For Quality Content

It is a new way of blogging, with very few words. It is not about the minimalistic lifestyle where less is more. It is just an alternative way of blogging with few words.

It is for those users who like to provide the maximum possible information in minimum possible expression. For example, the phrase “Napoleon Bonaparte was a French emperor and general” can be abbreviated as “NBIEQN.”

The words in a single paragraph blog can be arranged in any order, but they have to be together in one line with no additional spacing.

Users can join this community by publishing a single-paragraph blog entry.

The style is not for everyone. For many, it might seem unnatural, but for some, this style is unique.

There are no rules regarding the length, only that they have to be single-paragraph blog entries.

There are no specific topics for this style, but it is not recommended to use rich vocabulary or technical language.

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One-liner blogging Style For Remarkable Content

Sometimes they are put into one-liner status updates on Facebook, like what’s trending in the world of web development.

What is one-liner blogging?

One-liner blogging is a new trend in web development, and it has lots of popularity and attention.

As we know, there are many blogging websites such as WordPress, Tumblr, etc.

One-liner is a kind of short-tweeting with the place for just one-liner of writing.

One-liner blogging can be taken as a reference, not an article.

The popularity of this blogging style is increasing rapidly because it provides more understandable links to resources.

You can use one-liner blogging for sharing links, bookmarking websites to other people, and so on.

There is a typical one-liner blogging structure as follows:

Subject + Link

As we can see, there is no need to write a long post about the topic, just sharing a link is enough.

Let’s have a look at some most popular one-liner blogs.

1. One Liner Mania

One Liner Mania is a place for one-liner blog posts where you can have a look at the most viral and trending one-liners.

2. One Liner World

One Liner World is a place for discovering and sharing One-Liner News and Articles.

3. One Liner Quotes

This one is a place for sharing quotes, which you can find from any book or article.

4. One Line A Day

One Line A Day is a book diary where you can read and write freely to your book diary.

5. One Liner Web Development Style

This one is a web development blog that provides lots of resources for web developers.

6. One Liner Funny & Cute Animals

If you are a fan of animals, this blog is definitely for you.

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Dream Job : The Tipster Blogging Style 

Tipster Blogging Style Presents expertise and proven helpful tips to the audience.

Tipster Blogging Style Advise an audience on using the tip for effective results.

Tipster Blogging Style Give examples of accomplishing something related to the tip.

Stephanie Evergreen presents the particular tip of how to quote and has specific suggestions on how to do it better. She also includes some specific examples of how to improve your presentation style.

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Caption or Image Based Blogging Style 

Blogging, often referred to as viral blogging, is a type of writing that has become increasingly popular recently.

Take a look at the following great example :

Here’s an Evil Kitty for Search Engines

This could be told well with images too. But the author has added a fascinating story too.

If you want to make a Caption or Image-based blogging own style article, here are some tips:

1) The beginning of the article has to be very attractive. You can’t expect people to read your story if you don’t grab their attention at the beginning itself.

2) Enable comments on your article. This will let you know what people think about what you have written and how the story has gone among them.

3) Make a catchy headline. This will be the first thing to grab the attention of your readers.

4) Include other kinds of stuff like Quizzes, Lists, etc., to make your article more interesting if many of the images are not available for you to write upon.

5) Type a good story. Please don’t make it too long to bore your reader. But don’t make it very short as well.

6) Start with a quote.

All of us have something to hide – this is what makes us human. Although the world has been getting smaller, it is still nothing like what we are used to in real life. We are all different people, leading separate lives – that’s what makes everyone interesting.

However, some of us believe that it’s better to be open and honest about our lives with one another.

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Under blog Styles :

What’s under blogging?

Under blogging is a user-developed style, with no specific rules except to comply with all relevant internet user agreements.

The under blogging style of writing is very much like the blog, but it has no sidebars and very few pictures or graphics.

Under blogging is meant to be easy to read.

You are writing for the web.

Under blogging was developed as an evolutionary step forward from traditional blog writing, so the language style should be familiar to existing users of blogs.

Under blogging is written in a narrative form, using explanations rather than lists; most blogging posts are written in the past tense, although the present tense is also used.

Q&A Based Blog Styles

In the current scenario of the blogging world, no other style has taken a better shape or emerged as a more profitable method to put in writing articles. Quizzes, Interviews, and whatnot. This article will focus on an entirely new genre that has taken birth recently – Q&A-based blogging.

Q: What is Q&A-based blogging?

Ans: Question and Answer blog posts are those in which the writer starts with a subject and adds plenty of questions. Which ultimately be answered by either the topic itself or the readers.

Q: Who can use this?

Ans: Anybody who wants to get their name in the blogging world or their blog in the blogging world.

Q: May we ask for a road map?

Ans: Well, we can, but we won’t because this article is all about the Q&A-based blogging style. So here we go!

Topic: Make Money Online

Q: Why do people think that making money online is very difficult?

Ans: Let us start with this question and hope to answer it before starting with the other questions. People believe that making money online is very tough because they don’t have a good guide or a person who can hold their hands throughout the journey.

Q: How does one make money online?

Ans: This is a question that has been answered repeatedly by many from different walks of life. People from the world have given their hundred percent to answer this question and have been successful in their missions. Also, to answer your question in its best possible way, we have tried our best to find the answer but haven’t seen anyone answer. This means that there are many ways to make money online, and everyone needs to find the one which suits them best.

Q: How can one make money online through blogging?

Ans: There are numerous ways to make money online. And the best way to do so is through your blog. Many companies reward their users for writing blogs about them, and they get paid by the companies to write a blog on their behalf.

Reply Based Blogging Style

Some websites and blogs specialize in addressing your day-to-day issues.

The blogger starts with an inquiry and adds their idea to propose it as a solution. 

The solution may or may not operate for you but always gives you some opinion about your encountering problem.

Reply Based Blogging Style Example

How to do something more effectively?

From trying new things on for size, tweaking settings, or even overhauling your house with a new paint color, there’s always room to do things better. To have a good idea, one doesn’t need to be a professional housekeeper/artist/celebrity kid. There are constantly new and more reasonable methods to do things, but starting from where you are with what you have is a great place to begin.

Start with what you have, and then add new ideas as you go along to help yourself out better. For example, I know that my daughter can’t stand getting her hair wet. It makes it difficult to brush and style her long hair. So, I bought a hairbrush with the handle sticking up high enough. This way, when she can’t stand getting her hair wet.

Reference-based blogging Styles: Brainstorming

Reference-based blogging styles ought to suffice for those seeking an award-winning blogging experience. However, here’s a recommended brainstorming technique that will help you maintain a new standard of excellence.

First, ask yourself these questions: What’s the purpose of my post? Who is my target audience? Have I done my homework, or am I just writing from a whim? What’s the fresh insight that I know of that should be shared with the world?

So now that you have your answers, here’s what you ought to do:

1. Begin with a write-up on your question or problem, but make it short.

2. Then go ahead and list the possible reference solutions that you came across

3. Now, look at each solution and figure out what are the benefits of using them

4. Finally, go ahead and have your say on which one you think is worthy enough to be used in your circumstance and why

Now that you have the formula for an award-winning topic, go ahead and try.

Social Media compiling Blogging Style: Tweets As Post

I am not a big fan of Twitter, but many people love it. Some of the best tweets from the best people are collected on some blog sites.

These social media are compiling blog sites always create a sensation on the web because of their novel idea. As a result, they have massive traffic coming to their sites from social media networks.

 In a nutshell, these blogs add four lines of comment after every tweet and post it as a complete article. Later, this article is submitted to social bookmarking sites and forums to get more traffic.

 These articles are very famous on Blogs and Social networks such as Facebook, Reddit, etc. You can check their astonishing traffic by visiting these sites:

1. Top Twitter Blogs

2. Social Media Aggregator Sites

3. Best Celebrity Tweets Compilation

4. TweetBeat – the best tweets of the day

5. Social Media Compiling Sites

6. best-tweets-one-liners – One line jokes

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Single Product Blogging Style Guide

In this article, I will be going through a complete single product blog style guide from options for niche research to content ideas and promotion. This well-rounded guide will cover everything you need to know to start a successful single product blog.

I highly advise that you read this article in its entirety and apply what’s in it. Each section is carefully crafted and works well with the other areas so that the entire article is a cohesive set of instructions.

I will be releasing this as an eBook soon to download it, save it and print it out as a physical book if you want. I will keep updating the eBook as I write more sections and edit existing ones. So check back occasionally to see if there is a newer version available.

Single Product blog post case study: If you want some inspiration, check out my case study.

Questions: If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below. I’ll do my best to answer them on time.

Now, let’s get started!

Niche Research: To find out what your readers want to know about

Blogging niches can be broken down into general topics and single product topics. Single product topics are the more lucrative type of blogging niche because they cover an entire product rather than just a topic or idea.

As I said in the intro, I’ve been running a single product blog for about three years now. It has been one of the more rewarding blogging experiences I’ve had because it allows me to build a relationship with my readers while earning passive income from Amazon sales.

You can easily create a successful blog dedicated to a single product by following this simple 4-step process.

Step 1: Determine if a Single Product blog will work for you.

When starting a blog, the first question that comes to mind is probably “what should I blog about?” or “what is the best blog niche?”

There are many factors to consider when choosing a blogging platform. But, first, you have to consider your interests and passions. 

What are you most passionate about? 

Your niche does not necessarily have to be your interest, but it should be related to it.

Next, you have to consider your competition.

Before jumping headfirst into a niche, make sure there is enough demand for the products you want to cover. A quick Google search can give you an idea of how popular a niche is and whether or not there are enough people to read about it on your blog.

Here are two additional considerations when thinking about starting a single product blog:

Do you have the time and ability to test out the product you want to write about?

Do you have any first-hand experience with similar products or brands? If you do, even better! You can use your expertise to write about the pros and cons so that you don’t have to go through the testing process.

If you are still unsure of whether or not your niche should be a single product, here are three reasons why I feel you should choose one:

1. You can build a long-term relationship with your readers.

A single product blog is a perfect platform for you if you are looking to build a long-term relationship with your readers.

When I started my blog, it was challenging to generate traffic and earn money. I didn’t make my first dollar until about six months into blogging, and it took another 3 or 4 months before I started to receive any noticeable amount of traffic.

During the early stages of my blogging career, there wasn’t much that I could do to generate traffic besides writing good content. Despite this, I continued to write several articles per week because I believed that my dedication could pay off in the future.

I knew that if I wrote about a single product, I could build a long-term relationship with my readers. After all, my readers chose to follow me because they decided to trust me with their own buying decisions. So I wanted to make sure that I earned this trust by providing them with content that they would find valuable.

2. Only the best products will perform well on your blog.

It’s all too common for bloggers to write about products they never personally tested. Instead, they might be excited by a product’s potential or enticed by the high commission rates that come with promoting it.

Regardless of the reason, it’s no surprise that these products never perform well on affiliate sites. This is why I recommend that you only write about products that you have personally tested.

You should always buy the product yourself and use it for at least a month before you start blogging about it. Then, if the product performs well, you can start reviewing it on your site and see how high of a commission rate it can generate. You will never need to market some products because they are in such high demand that people are willing to buy them without any promotion.

3. You can concentrate on one product and become an expert on it.

Ultimately, blogging is about providing value to your readers. If you write about a single product, you can concentrate more of your efforts on it and become an expert on the topic.

For example, I blog about a single computer accessory called the Anker Astro E1 External Battery. With this particular product, there are so many things that I can write about and review. I never have a shortage of content because this product enables me to write about traveling, camping, backpacking, hiking, or even simple things like going to the beach.

If I were writing about ten different products at once, it would be challenging to become an expert on all of them. It would be even more complicated for my readers to gain any actual knowledge from the information I’m providing.

Let’s say you’re looking to start a single product blog about the Anker Astro E1 External Battery. Here are some tips that will help you get started:

  • What topics can you write about? [10 Ideas]
  • How do you become an expert on the product? [What to do?]
  • How will you make money from the blog? [Income model]
  • Who’s your target audience? [3 Demographic Characteristics]
  • Blogging Tips: 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I Started My First Blog

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