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When you need handwriting services, Write on Results is the company you want to call. We offer custom hand-written notes, thank you notes, and more in a wide range of styles.

Natural handwriting is more personal and eye-catching than laser-printed font and can dramatically improve the success of your mailings and your return on investment.

The Best Handwriting Services Since 1999 Write on Results 2

Handwriting Service: Proof that Real Hand Addressed Mailings Work:

Life Outreach International of Fort Worth, Texas, makes one of its mailings strictly handwritten. As a result, the response is typically doubles and sometimes triples the return of its other mailings.

– NonProfit Times –

64% of Americans prefer receiving handwritten personal communications to electronic communications.

– 2005 Greeting Card Association Study –

Feed the Children, in Oklahoma City, drops roughly 100,000 hand-addressed thank you notes on December 25 to its $1,000-plus givers to get that final gift of the year from donors. Its Christmas Day mailing in 2000 garnered a 15 percent response rate.

– NonProfit Times –

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Improve Your Response Rates and Use Real Handwritten Mail For:

  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Customer prospecting
  • Product launches
  • Membership mailings
  • Thank you cards
  • Event invitations
  • Anniversary or birthday greetings
  • Seasonal greeting cards

Client Comments and Testimonials

Write On Results played an important role in making our holiday mailing a success. Despite the current financial climate, we were able to meet our fundraising goals for this holiday season.

– Kerri Manis, Greater Muncie, IN Habitat for Humanity

Everything with the holiday cards was terrific. We appreciate how willing you were to work within our tight timeline. You did a terrific job in getting everything out on time, and the quality of the work you did was great.

– Mirsada Pasalic, SEED Foundation

Write On Results is great to work with fast, accurate, and the mailings always look great. We use direct mail to drive highly qualified traffic to our website. We target some of the most sought-after, most marketed-to people in the country, and we have consistently enjoyed greater than 20% success rate on our mailings thanks to Write On Results.

– John Wolf, SpectraSoft, Inc.

Write on Results offers great value, quick turn around and professional service. We were able to double our leads using personalized handwriting compared to generic postcards.

– Nick Summa, Bradley Communications Corp.

Write On Results provided reliable, timely service. I genuinely believe that any business looking to improve their service to customers and prospects will benefit from their handwriting services.I never hesitate to recommend them to other business owners.

– Candice Bennett, Candice Bennett & Associates

I recently put my trust in Write On Results and I couldn’t be happier with the results. They took the time to understand what my needs were and improved on them, resulting in a beautiful script that has given me so much confidence!

The Best Handwriting Services Since 1999 Write on Results 5

– Mary J. Osborn

I had to write an essay on a tight deadline and decided to use Write On Results. My professor said that my signature was perfect and that they were impressed by my paper! I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a professional handwriting service.

– Bob Ramirez

Write On Results is a wonderful company. They offer the best handwriting services, at competitive prices with great quality. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a handwriting service.

– Donny Summers

I am proud to say that I have seen a huge impact on my life by using Write On Results. I used to write everything down in a notebook, but now I can finally rely on my computer for all the notes, letters and reminders that used to be scribbled on paper. The best thing is that it saves trees and not just paper!

– Alta Harrell

I am writing this review on behalf of Write On Results. I have tried many different services, but none compare to the quality and efficiency that Write On Results provides. I had some handwritten letters in a rush, and they were perfect.

– Forest Bryan

Write On Results is a well-established stationery company that offers letter writing and style handwriting services in a fun way. It’s great for special occasions, birthday gifts or just to say thank you. The prices are very reasonable and the process is quite quick.

– Lyman Collier

Write On Results is the best company for handwritten stationery, letter and written messages. They offer the best quality of stationery, letter, written and ink possible at a low price. This company is not just a service; they believe in your dreams!

– Cecile Hill – own stationery

I just wanted to write a short note about how much I love Write On Results. They are the best company for handwritten letters, envelopes, cards in the business. I have been nothing but pleased with their services and I would highly recommend them to everyone!

– Tabatha Anderson

Outstanding customer service, very quick response and communication.

– Barney Hamilton

Write On Results is a great company to work with. I love the product and the customer service is outstanding!

– Freda Mcclain

I am a huge fan of handwriting and handwritten notes. I use it to express my feelings, thoughts and opinions and they are always the most memorable. Write On Results offers handwriting stationery, letter writing services and more. I love the range of products they offer which makes it easier to personalize things for me!

– Lyle Garza

Write On Results is the best company for doing handwriting. They provide amazing customer service and do high quality work.

– Ray Good

Write On Results is my go-to place for stationery and handwriting services. I have been using the service since they opened their doors and cannot say that I’ve ever had a better experience. They know exactly what I want and deliver on time every time.

– Seth Davila

The Best Handwriting Services Since 1999 Write on Results 3

Send Your Clients Hand Addressed Greeting Cards This Holiday Season

If you’re like most professionals, you like the idea of sending hand-addressed greeting cards to your clients. However, likely, you don’t have the time or resources to handwrite them all yourself. In addition, the mere thought of hand addressing hundreds or thousands of cards can send most people into a panic.

We’ve solved this problem by providing personalized holiday handwriting services. Our qualified team of writers will hand-address your greeting cards, including a customized handwritten note in each card, apply a holiday stamp, and mail the cards – saving you valuable hours of time and effort during the holidays.

People like to know that they are more than just another name in your customer database.

Try natural handwriting for your next holiday greeting card mailing. 

Send Real Hand Addressed Fundraising Campaigns

As a fundraising professional, you have the critical challenge of finding new ways to reach current and potential donors. Non-profit organizations like yours are discovering that hand-addressed mailings are a highly effective way to communicate with donors and improve direct mail response rates.

Which would you open first? A generic, laser-printed envelope OR a handwritten envelope with a colorful stamp? Since few marketing messages today include a human element, accurate hand-addressed mailings stand out. Natural handwriting captures your audience’s attention and has been proven to increase direct mail response rates by 300% or more.

As you know, the number of non-profit organizations has grown significantly in recent years, making it difficult for you to compete for donations. Therefore, it would be best to have creative ways to differentiate yourself from other organizations and build personal relationships with your donors. In our digital age, natural handwriting has become rare and unexpected. Not only are handwritten mailings eye-catching, but they add a human touch that is absent from most marketing campaigns.

Rely on an Experienced Handwriting Company

Your organization’s image is essential. Write On Results is dedicated to providing you with experienced and quality handwriting. You can rely on our dedicated team ready to hand address, stuff, seal, and apply first-class stamps to thousands of your mailing pieces.

The Best Handwriting Services Since 1999 Write on Results 1

Genuine Hand Addressing and Personalized Handwriting will Improve Your Response Rates.

Try natural handwriting for your next direct mail project. Handwritten mailings can improve your direct mail response rates by 300% and help you build deeper relationships with your clients.

Write On Results Offers the Following Handwriting Services:

Hand Addressed Envelopes

You have seconds to capture their attention. Use actual handwriting to stand out from other laser-printed bulk mail and add a personal touch. Handwritten Fundraising Campaigns

Show your donors that you value their support by sending personalized hand-addressed envelopes and notes. 

Personalized Handwritten Notes

Add a handwritten note to your letters to emphasize your call to action. Handwritten Thank You Cards

Make a positive impression on your customers with personalized, hand-addressed Thank You cards.

Post-it Handwritten Notes

Draw your readers? Attention to the most critical point of your mailing with handwritten post-it notes.

Hand Addressed Greeting Cards

Show your clients that they are unique and valued. Send hand-addressed greeting cards for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions.

Our natural handwriting has dramatically increased response rates for the following mailings:

  • Customer prospecting
  • Fundraising mailings
  • Thank you cards
  • Anniversary or birthday greetings
  • Seasonal greetings
  • Event invitations
  • Product launches

Write On Results handwritten mailings have been powerful marketing tools for a variety of industries, including:

  • Non-profit Fundraisers
  • Financial Services
  • Mortgage Services
  • Realtors
  • Sales Trainers
  • Legal Marketers
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Direct Mail Firms
  • Event Planners
  • Luxury Marketers
  • Travel & Tourism Marketers

Rely on an Experienced Handwriting Company

We know our clients are trusting us with their professional image. Write On Results specializes in handwritten mailings and is dedicated to providing the highest quality service for our clients. Quality handwriting is our core business.

With Write On Results, you can rely on our dedicated team ready to hand address, stuff, seal, and apply first-class stamps to thousands of your mailing pieces. Our team is carefully screened, so only the most efficient and careful writers will work on your mail projects.

Receive Personalized Service

Each of your mailing projects is unique, just like your clients. Write On Results works closely with you to ensure that your mailings succeed. We take the time to learn about your needs and expectations and offer suggestions based on our experience with handwritten mailings.

Expect Excellent Quality Control

You put a lot of time and money into your sales and marketing efforts. It’s important that your mail projects are completed correctly and error-free. Sloppy or incorrect handwriting won’t get delivered or be received positively by your customers. Your mailings must look great and arrive at their destinations. Our handwritten mailings are checked and re-checked for absolute neatness and accuracy.

Why Use Real Handwriting in Your Next Mailing

Which Envelope Would You Open First?

A generic and impersonal lasered envelope with printed postage?

Handwriting captures your customers’ attention and sends them a friendly, personalized message. And, most importantly, natural writing improves your direct mail response rates by 300% or more!

Here are 6 Good Reasons to Use Real Handwriting in Your Next Mailing:

1. Messages Stay out of the Trash

In days past, people were often unsure about what to do with the post when it came. The envelopes may look personal & handwritten, and without opening them, you cannot know who they’re from. But, unlike an automated mailbox that might throw out correspondences unseen, something is humanizing about reading your cursive handwriting and deciding if the contents are worth opening.

2. Customers Receive a Personal Touch

Few things offer a more personal touch than a handwritten message. Whether you send a Thank You card, an invitation, or a fundraising request, handwritten mail will make your customers feel valued.

3. Stand Out from the Competition

Which would grab your attention, a laser-printed envelope with a bar-coded label OR an envelope with your handwritten address and a colorful, first-class stamp? Since few marketing messages today include a human element, handwritten mail stands out.

4. Receive a Higher Response from Mailings

Millions of dollars are wasted each year on ineffective direct mail campaigns. While many factors can contribute to these wasted funds – one thing is sure. If the mail isn’t opened, the mail isn’t read. But, on the other hand, handwritten mail gets opened and will give higher response rates than laser-printed text.

5. Improve Your Return on Investment

Tight budgets require a close eye on return on investment. Handwritten mailings produce higher response rates which mean a higher return on investment.

6. See Real Results from Your Efforts

Your time is valuable. Why spend hours pouring over each phrase, comma, and bullet point if your mailings are never opened? Handwritten mail gets opened and ensures that your time is well spent.

Frequently Asked Questions About Handwriting

We want to pass along some great questions we’ve received from our customers & what we hope are helpful answers. Don’t see an answer to your question? Send us a message, and we’ll do our best to answer it! 

Q. How are your services different from fonts that look like handwriting?

A. Real handwritten messages and handwriting style fonts are working to accomplish the same goal – to stand out among the laser printed, bulk mail pieces. However, while fonts may undoubtedly work to capture their reader’s attention initially, they do not offer the same personalized approach that real pen and ink accomplish.

Q. Will I be able to use my bulk rates with handwritten mail notes?

A. No. The United States Post Office requires that all hand-addressed mail be sent via first-class rates. While some may see this as a setback, we see the use of natural, colorful, first-class stamps as yet another way to catch the attention and loyalty of your customers.

Q. Are you suggesting that handwritten services – direct mail replace my other marketing efforts, like email, advertisements, telemarketing, etc.?

A. not! The use of handwritten mail & messages should be incorporated into your overall marketing strategy. 

Different customers respond to other methods of communication. No solution is ‘one size fits all. Handwritten mail pieces can be used as part of your marketing mix to provide a great return on investment.

Q. I’ve heard it’s expensive to use natural handwriting service. Is this true?

A. Since living, breathing people will be using real pens to address your mail, it will, in most cases, cost more per piece than if you were to use laser-printed labels. However, it would be best to think with the end in mind. Is it better to spend less on a mailing that produces a low response rate (mail thrown out & not read) or pay more upfront and receive a high response rate with potential future business?