About Write On Results

https://getmitto.com/ is a blog that aims to bring quality and correct information to the worldwide web. 

 There is an old story about an ant. There was a vast forest some time in history, which covered almost all the world. All animals were happily living in that forest. Then, one day, a fire started in the woods. Most animals, especially elephants, began to carry water to the fire. But some of the animals were watching the fire. 

 Those animals who were watching the fire saw an ant. The ant carried a water drop in its mouth and ran towards the fire. 

They ask, “what are you doing, ant?”

The ant answers, “I’m going to extinguish the fire.”

Animals who watch the fire add, “But how are you going to extinguish the fire with a tiny drop in your mouth?”

The ant answers, “Yes, this will not extinguish the fire, but it will show my purpose. 

Thus, when we talk about trustworthy and valuable information over the net, we know that we are even smaller than the ant running to the fire with a tiny drop. Yet, we are still purposefully adding excellent and unique information to the web. 

So, who are we? 

We are a small group of writers and editors specializing in different subjects such as fashion, animals, historical and touristic places, health, cosmetics, and so on. 

In short, we are authoring on whatever we would like to write.